Di Lai Graphics

Di Lai Graphics was founded by Duane Cash in the year 2000.  Although new the arena of graphic, Duane Cash has had over 10 years of educational and industry experience in programming, web, and artistic design.  Once Di Lai Graphics started specializing in logo design followed soon by its other services, many clients caught on the rich, high-resolution and high quality work of Duane Cash, the company’s Founder and Lead Designer.

Di Lai Graphics offers quick turn-around times and unique designs using a newly discovered tool that many designers have yet to discover themselves.  This “business secret” tool has provided logo designs 10 times quicker than those using tools like Photoshop, Illustrator and Corel and works seamlessly with raster, vector, and 3D graphics to create vector logo designs that are dazzling, resize-able, and high-resolution in compact file sizes.  Although Di Lai Graphics makes use of “industry-standard” tools like Photoshop and Illustrator, most of the design work, and even some of the web design work is done using this great tool-set.

I personally urge you to look at the Di Lai Graphics Portfolio to see the difference for yourself.

What Others Had to Say About Di Lai Graphics:


” DiLai Graphics exceeded everything that I had hoped for. He had come up with a mock-up design before I had even made my final selection that knocked my socks off. It was right on target for what I was looking for. This was my first experience… and it turned out to be a pleasurable one. I will definitely be back and DiLai Graphics will be the first place I turn. Highly recommended.” – Cathy


“Di Lai Graphics was excellent to work with, he worked on our logo until we were 100% satisfied. I strongly recommend him, you won’t be disappointed.”  – Bark


“DiLaiGraphics is an absolutely outstanding graphics designer. The company is prompt, efficient and extraordinarily gifted and creative. They took my ideas, brought them to fruition and essentially “made my dreams come true”. I would not hesitate to use this service again and would highly recommend them to others in need of outstanding graphics design services.  -Rainbow


“Gracious alive that was the kickin’est logo I’ve ever seen! Duane not only exceeded expectations, he nuked them!” -Decem


For logo design please follow 99designs.