Di Lai Graphics

Di Lai Graphics was founded by Duane Cash in the year 2000.  Although new the arena of graphic, Duane Cash has had over 10 years of educational and industry experience in programming, web, and artistic design.  Once Di Lai Graphics started specializing in logo design followed soon by its other services, many clients caught on the rich, high-resolution and high quality work of Duane Cash, the company’s Founder and Lead Designer.

Di Lai Graphics offers quick turn-around times and unique designs using a newly discovered tool that many designers have yet to discover themselves.  This “business secret” tool has provided logo designs 10 times quicker than those using tools like Photoshop, Illustrator and Corel and works seamlessly with raster, vector, and 3D graphics to create vector logo designs that are dazzling, resize-able, and high-resolution in compact file sizes.  Although Di Lai Graphics makes use of “industry-standard” tools like Photoshop and Illustrator, most of the design work, and even some of the web design work is done using this great tool-set.

I personally urge you to look at the Di Lai Graphics Portfolio to see the difference for yourself.

What Others Had to Say About Di Lai Graphics:


” DiLai Graphics exceeded everything that I had hoped for. He had come up with a mock-up design before I had even made my final selection that knocked my socks off. It was right on target for what I was looking for. This was my first experience… and it turned out to be a pleasurable one. I will definitely be back and DiLai Graphics will be the first place I turn. Highly recommended.” – Cathy


“Di Lai Graphics was excellent to work with, he worked on our logo until we were 100% satisfied. I strongly recommend him, you won’t be disappointed.”  – Bark


“DiLaiGraphics is an absolutely outstanding graphics designer. The company is prompt, efficient and extraordinarily gifted and creative. They took my ideas, brought them to fruition and essentially “made my dreams come true”. I would not hesitate to use this service again and would highly recommend them to others in need of outstanding graphics design services.  -Rainbow


“Gracious alive that was the kickin’est logo I’ve ever seen! Duane not only exceeded expectations, he nuked them!” -Decem


For logo design please follow 99designs.



Four Unusual Hay Day Tricks, Recommendations plus Cheats that Gamers Miss out Truly

Harvesting in Hay Day is often a time-consuming task; it takes hrs and hrs every day to tend livestock and crops and retain points running smoothly on the virtual farm. Use these time-saving and resource gathering Hay Day tricks, ideas and cheats to remain ahead on the game.
Note: none of those tricks call for gamers to download anything at all.

1. Search for unlocked treasure chests

This Hay Day cheat turns into less successful the much more you employ it, but the very first few times it should operate. You might have to try out it as quite a few as twenty times to find an unlocked treasure chest.

Discover a tool box on the follower’s, helper’s or friend’s farm. In the event the box is closed, tap anyplace within the display, except the x button.
Now head to a further friend’s farm and uncover the same tool box. If your instrument box is unlocked, you are able to take almost everything within. You’ll find tools together with other issues you are able to use to keep your farming working smoothly. As soon as you go back to your farm you must locate the resources you discovered within the device box in obtainable farming resources.
In the event the device box is still locked? Preserve accomplishing the identical approach, until finally you locate a device box that is unlocked. You are able to maintain finding totally free things using this process, a minimum of as long as it continues to perform.

Two. Trick your Hay Day close friends, followers and helpers

This trick is good to utilize to convince your Hay Day farming buddies, followers and helpers that you just have just obtained double the amount of coins and practical experience for completing a boat order.

Once the boat pulls to the dock and also you get an order. Click about the examine mark and hold it down.
As you allow go on the examine mark, immediately click the x with the major with the page. The game will present you just received double the quantity of coins and encounter, but you won’t essentially receive double bonus.

3. Identify objects you’ll need in the future

You’ll be able to identify things you will require later on to finish shipments by letting the delivery boy give you hints working with this useful Hay Day tip.

Uncover the delivery boy, click on him.
Choose the “No Thanks” button.
The delivery boy will then go throughout the road and lie down in the discipline. Over his head you’ll see a bubble exactly where photos of points you’ll ought to comprehensive future shipments will seem.

4. Free diamonds on Hay Day

You are able to purchase diamonds with serious cash in Hay Day. The more diamonds you purchase the more worth you receive to your income. You can get dozens of diamonds for just a handful of dollars, but no person really wants to devote funds playing a free of charge video game.

Diamonds would be the primary currency on Hay Day. Owning a lot more diamonds enables you to spruce up your farm and have a lot more exciting. Use these strategies to obtain far more no cost diamonds.

Hay Day farmers acquire 1-3 diamonds each and every time they go up a level.
Players acquire 1-3 diamonds for every Hay Day achievement they complete. You’ll find a total of 93.
Hay Day farmers will sometimes acquire a free of charge movie ticket to watch a trailer on an approaching video game and even blockbuster Hollywood film. Watching the display rewards farmers that has a diamond.
Continue to keep an eye out for significant red mystery boxes to the farm. They are mystery boxes containing prizes, which might be diamonds. It is going to often value you a diamond to open one of these mystery boxes, but commonly it’s worth the price.
Occasionally gamers can locate a diamond wrapped within a bow close to the house, so hold your eyes open.

The Hay Day cheats, tricks and suggestions right here ordinarily get the job done, but if the game designers have up to date the game a short while ago, it’s achievable they will not. Gamers inform me it has not worked for everyone striving it.

I hope you have got a fantastic day to the farm. Using the Hay Day tricks, ideas and cheats I have supplied, you are able to lower the quantity of time it requires to maintain your virtual farm lucrative and functioning effectively, and also have more fun enjoying your preferred video game.

How you can Make full use of Giants Correctly in Clash of Clans

Within my view, Giants are at this time the very best troops in Clash of Clans for many motives. One cause is because Giants can fill the tank part better than Barbarians for the reason that they have lots extra health and fitness and so they are really less vulnerable to splash attack from Mortars and Wizard Towers. They’re also efficient around the map simply because they prioritize targeting a defensive creating which suggests by using Giants you could focus on neutralizing the enemy’s defensive power as fast as you can. Moreover, Giants may also be well-known for his or her outstanding employs to distract and soak up hits for their comrades.

One effective raiding method could be utilized making use of a blend of few Giants and a lot of Archers. Very first, deploy Giants to distract all of the defensive buildings attack focus and after that quickly drop Archers close to the attacking tower to ruin them. This strategy, when made use of correctly, can easily wipe out a whole base and ended up rewarding you that has a 3-star victory.

Giants had been confirmed to be extremely useful when mixed with Wall breakers and Goblins. This technique functions great when utilised on a heavily fortified base with many sources available. Initial, similar to the past tactic, deploy Giants to distract all the defensive buildings then drop the Wall breakers right close to the column of walls you wish to breach. You simply ought to ensure that any defensive towers from the vicinity had their emphasis over the Giants for the reason that Wall breakers are so fragile. When the walls are already breached, quickly release all the offensive units like Barbarians or Archers to destroy the defensive towers and Goblins to steal the sources.

There exists also an additional famous raiding technique applying a blend of lots of Giants and 2 healers. This tactic will perform in nearly all sorts of bases. Basically, you just should spam all of the Giants you may have around the map, preferably near to each other, after which when the Giants start out to obtain focus fired by the adjacent defensive creating, you deploy the 2 healers about five tiles behind the group of Giants. This strategy performs because many of the time the two healers, will heal back each of the injury which has been finished towards the group of Giants in front of them. Offered adequate time, those Giants could wipe out a well-fortified enemy base with only few casualties. However, you should be cautious when using this technique since an Air Defense can 2-shotted your healer unit from afar and in addition be wary with the spring traps that could kill your Giants in an immediate.

Hi there, If you want additional helpful tips and tricks for Clash of Clans, then take a look at clash of clans cheats website. It really is total of system and tactics you must know to acquire the winning edge for playing Clash of Clans. I’ll try to update the internet site daily, so make certain you take a look at it routinely. Thanks and have entertaining reading!

Buffalo Chicken Dip Formula – Buffalo Tried and tested

This excellent Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe is like consuming a chicken wing, having a spicy kick from Frank’s Red Sizzling Sauce, and a great cooling effect of creamy Bleu Cheese and Cheddar, only without the need of the mess. Scouring the world wide web for a perfect recipe, you come across rather a number of variations, some are area specific, some just appear down proper awful. A lot of people favor Ranch to their Bleu Cheese, some locations have no idea what Franks Red Scorching Sauce is, a lot more, some individuals use canned chicken for their Buffalo Chicken Dip. Not exactly positive what planet these people reside on, but when I’m planning to give one thing although tailgating for an occasion, or for family members at a picnic, I’m not utilizing canned chicken. In a pinch I will order a rotisserie chicken from my local grocery keep but I choose to bake or grill my very own chicken in advance and shred it prior to adding it on the mixture of cheese and spice that make up my buffalo chicken dip. This recipe incorporates lots of Buffalo, NY specific elements, among and that is Franks Red Hot Sauce. For those who don’t have access to Franks locally, get some on the internet. Franks is utilized in authentic Buffalo Chicken Wing sauces, and will really give your recipe a kick.

Another solution is Rooties Blue Cheese dressing. This dressing is really a small more complicated to locate on the internet, so for those who don’t have entry to it substitute your favorite bleu cheese dressing. With football season kicking into full gear, this buffalo chicken dip recipe is perfect to your Saturday University Football or Sunday NFL events with family and friends. In case you are fortunate sufficient to generate your way to a game and get the complete experience of tailgating, this buffalo chicken dip recipe is best. So without the need of further ado, I existing to you a Buffalonian’s consider on a dip which has been developed and recreated by men and women everywhere. Please truly feel cost-free to depart remarks around the recipe, and please get pleasure from.

Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe Ultimate Tailgating Dip


24oz of Chicken, Shredded – I grill or bake 3 boneless, skinless chicken breast halves which I have removed any excess fat from, then shred them. If you are within a pinch, I hugely advocate buying a rotisserie chicken out of your nearby foods marketplace and shredding it oneself.
(2) 8oz packages of Cream Cheese softened
one cup of Frank’s Red Sizzling Sauce
1 cup of Rootie’s Blue Cheese Dressing
two cups of Mild Cheddar cheese
Optional – Scallions for garnish
Serve with Tortilla Chips, Toasted Pitas, Celery or Carrots


Preheat your oven to 350 degrees
Inside a massive mixing bowl, combine the bleu cheese, cream cheese, half a cup of your cheddar, along with the scorching sauce until mixed by means of.
Fold from the chicken pieces and transfer to a 9?x11? baking dish or tin. Prime with all the remaining cheddar cheese.
Bake the mixture uncovered for 25-30 minutes until eventually the mixture is bubbly and somewhat browned over the leading.

Let it sit to get a few minutes to cool down, you do not want your visitors burning their mouth on exceptionally hot Buffalo Chicken Dip. After serving this Buffalo Chicken Dip recipe, you might absolutely be asked how you made it, so feel absolutely free to share the recipe, or keep it being a secret if you would like continue to be the speak of your block or your tailgating group. Which is fully as much as you! I have really made use of this recipe to generate a pizza for those who somehow wind up possessing leftovers.